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Conceptual Thinking

Conceptual thinking is the ability to understand a situation or problem by identifying patterns or connections, and addressing key underlying issues. Conceptual thinking includes the integration of issues and factors into a conceptual framework. It involves using past professional or technical training and experience, creativity, inductive reasoning, and intuitive processes that lead to potential solutions or viable alternatives that may not be obviously related or easily identified.(

Gregory Round has a BA in Comparative Studies of Art, Science and Religion from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. He is a citizen scientist and is the author of the theory for the production of non impact craters: Crustonics; the hypothesis of Gravitational Rim Sag*, the author of the fiction novel 'The Draper Diaries' and author of the Free Space (compression) Gravity hypothesis and Gravitational Conundrums of General Relativity.

*Gravitaional Rim Sag explains the process that forms polygon craters in any material.

  • The Draper Diaries

    Draper DiariesCover Design: G.J.Round

    This fiction novel tells the story of a journalist, Virgil Kaine, uncovering government sanction murders, odessa mafia plots and Space Race conspiracies. There is more to the Moon than meets the eye.

  • Apollo Moon Hoax

    bookcoverCover Design: G.J.Round

    Here you will find the only absolute proof regarding the fake Apollo Moon landings. There is no where else on the World Wide Web that has this detailed and, in many cases, completely NEW information. It is like a cold case being reopened and solved.…

  • Crustonics

    moon craterImage credit:NASA

    Crustonics is the geological force that creates non impact craters. This site contains the theory and other information.…

  • Current Working Project: Black Holes

    Image credit: The Event Horizon Telescope

    This paper will be uploaded in the near future . Last update 12/10/2019: